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Research - Development - Innovation


The research and development department (R&D) that supports us, consists of experienced and expertly trained scientific staff who is responsible for the development of Fruits & Fleurs natural cosmetics and controls the action and effectiveness of products so that the final product meets the high standards we have set.

All of our formulas development are based on natural active ingredients we use essential oils, extracts & infusions of herbs, fruits & flowers of Greek nature and not only. They are selected according to the action and synergy between them in order to achieve maximum benefit from each product Our products are based on scientific researches and follow the latest developments in international cosmetology.

Incorporating the modern know-how of plant-cosmetology, we create the ideal combination of natural active ingredients to produce safe and effective products. There are many months of scientific research behind each cosmetic product.

We are in constant research for the next natural active ingredient that will enhance our range. Both ingredients and packaging materials have been chosen carefully among the best of the global market in order to respect the environment and give a luxury feeling.


We have created a special series of products, replacing simple water - the majority of cosmetics worldwide has about 70% - with infusions of various plants of Greek nature. The infusions strengthen the action of each product by adding properties (which water does not do) acting synergistically with the other active ingredients, thus maximizing the effectiveness of the finished product, which is not the case with conventional cosmetics with simple water.

But we don’t stop here, we are already in search of the next innovation venture that will give our cosmetic range a competitive edge over competition. Stay tuned…