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Who We Are

We are a Greek, second-generation family business with leading occupation the production of cosmetics. We already released a natural cosmetic series in the market, Fruits & Fleurs "olive" and we are developing complete series for third parties (private label). We have the passion to promote the treasures of Greek nature and not only, and also for creating natural, effective, safe and innovative beauty products.

The Greek cosmetic brand Fruits & Fleurs “olive” has introduced a premium series of highly aesthetic, natural products. Our name as well as our logo is inspired by the natural active ingredients we use. The color combination of gold and dark brown reveals the premium character of the series and its earthly creations. We have chosen the olive tree, the tree of longevity, as the symbol of our products. The reason for that is that the key ingredient of our products is greek organic olive oil. According to Homer it is “liquid solid gold” and Hippocrates calls it the “great healer”. The main ingredient of our series is Greek organic olive oil. Olive oil is one of the most complete ingredients of nature, due to its antioxidant-antiaging and rich moisturizing properties. According to recent studies Greek organic olive oil, in particular, has the best quality in the world.

Utilizing one of the best production units, we have developed innovative and effective compositions. These are the results of the cooperation between our R & D (research and development) department and Athens University. We have combined:

a) Natural active ingredients (essential oils, vegetable oils, extracts and infusions of herbs, fruits and flowers of the Greek nature and not only) with maximum efficiency and synergy between them to achieve maximum benefit from each product.

b) Packing materials carefully selected among the best of the global market in order to respect the environment and give a luxury feeling.

We use and promote the invaluable treasure of plants and herbs of high biological value from Greek nature, one of the richest in the world. Greece is known for its wealth and variety of flora. More than 6,600 herbs and subspecies can be found here. Over 1200 are endemic. Thanks to the climatic conditions, Greek plants are included in the world’s richest ones in terms of their healing and cosmetic action. None of our products have been tested on animals. We do not use ingredients of animal origin (except apiculture, ingredients of high biological value).

Our goal is when someone uses the Fruits & Fleurs products, to offer them moments of wellness and beauty as well as an enjoyable unique experience. Behind each product there is a large team of different specialists who have one mission, to make your life more beautiful. For us it is more than the result of a job, it is the result of our passion for beauty.

              Yours sincerely,

     Fruits & Fleurs «olive» team