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Private Label - White Label

Our company is also active in the production of cosmetics for third parties, ie Private Label & White Label products and tailor made solutions or suggestions by undertaking the whole project from the beginning and developing new products according to the different needs and wishes of each customer.

The production unit is located in Kampani Kilkis, a beautiful small town just 25 km outside Thessaloniki in a modern building, equipped with modern machinery and a technologically-equipped chemical laboratory. It is the ideal environment for research and development of modern natural cosmetics.

These products are produced according to the EU production rules. All products produced are subject to the Cosmetics Regulation (Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 as amended in July 2013). The production process has been harmonized with the International Good Practice Standards in Cosmetics Companies, GMP ISO 22716. ISO 22716 is the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standard and provides organizational and technical guidance on the management of human, technical and administrative factors that affect the production of cosmetic products and their quality.

We can produce cosmetic facial products (creams, serums, masks, peeling, cleansers etc.), body products (shower gels. body lotions, body milk, body creams, body butter, scrub, oils, gel etc) , hair products (shampoo, conditioner, masks, pre-wash and after-wash oils etc.) and handmade soaps.

Our production has the ability to respond to both large and small productions. With the small-scale production process, we support new companies by enabling a customer who can respond in large quantities, to be able to develop his own cosmetic range. It is also significant that we show remarkable consistency in delivery times.

Our long-standing cooperation with large and small companies, the flexibility of production as well as our credibility, confidentiality and consistency make us the ideal choice in the Private Label area.